Throne Speeches — Words by the Numbers

Following the Speech from the Throne
last week, the first byslide1 2 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s newly elected Liberal government, there was a mild hullaballoo about how short it was compared to the the Conservatives’ throne speech in 2013.

Indeed, the last Conservative speech was more than four times longer—7,149 words to the Liberals’ recent 1,673—but how does this stack up over time?

A quick analysis of the throne speeches since 1994 (the January following the 1993 general election) suggests that, on average, there hasn’t been much difference between the verbosity of Conservative and Liberal speeches; however, there are some quirky differences.

What’s more interesting, perhaps, is the common thread between them: regardless of party, throne speeches immediately before an election were, on average, longer than the rest.

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