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“”Working with Kaarina makes my life so much easier. Her writing is incredibly strong and she knows how to tailor the voice to meet client needs. Her executive experience makes her a powerful resource, she can figure out exactly what is needed for any given assignment. When I work with her, I know I’m working with someone I can trust. She meets her deadlines, is responsive, communicates clearly and is a personal gem.”

Gail Mercer-MacKay—President, Mercer-MacKay Solutions

“Kaarina was a huge asset to a number of our client projects. When we had a more technical project and needed a writer that could present it to a general audience, Kaarina was our go-to partner. Kaarina’s ability to take client direction, frame complex concepts into easy-to-understand content, and produce consistently high-quality work under often very tight deadlines made her an invaluable part of our team and a direct contributor to our success in meeting client needs. I would highly recommend Kaarina and her work.”

Shawna Tregunna—Founder, ReSoMe